Jelly Lotion


Reduce swelling, inflammation and pain

  • A legacy product highlighting the power of Chinese medicine and massage balls
  • Squeeze the bottle and massage the affected area up to four times per day
  • Clean and dry the affected area beforehand

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Panax notoginseng

Cow Parsnip

Davallia Mariesii

Radix Saposhnikoviae



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Jelly Lotion

Painkilling, Anti-inflammatory, Reducing swelling, Stop stasis

80 capsules and 120 grams of jelly=approximately 1.5 months of usage

How much to take?

Combining the internal & external solution is the most effective and sustainable form of bone and joint health

Why internal and external?

This company is awesome, as are their products! My knee feels better few weeks after taking their supplement

Any side effects?

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