NMN NAD+ 21000


Resist Aging and Stay Young

Each NMN supplement contains 350 mg of high-purity NMN, equivalent to a serving dozens of kilograms of broccoli or avocado; effective in anti-aging, gene repair, Improve cardiovascular function, skin beautification, hairdressing, physical strength enhancement, muscle repair and strengthening memory.

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Beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Vegetable capsule

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NMN NAD+ 21000

80 capsules and 120 grams of jelly=approximately 1.5 months of usage

How much to take?

Combining the internal & external solution is the most effective and sustainable form of bone and joint health

Why internal and external?

This company is awesome, as are their products! My knee feels better few weeks after taking their supplement

Any side effects?

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